Company members are required to take 90 minutes of competitive instruction once a week for one company.  For the competitive Jazz and Contemporary companies, we are also requiring those dancers to take a Company Technique class of 90 minutes, a Leaps & Turns class consisting of an hour as well as a non-recital class related to the style of the company they are place on.   That class could be Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz or Strength & Conditioning.   The Technique, Leaps & Turns and Strength & Conditioning will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  The Hip Hop company will be required to take Strength & Conditioning as well as a non-recital Hip Hop class.  

Please email for more information!

576 N. Michigan St.  Elmhurst, IL 60126

(630) 818-6239

Evolution Competitive Dance Company was designed with the intention of providing a safe, caring, motivating, positive, well-rounded and encouraging environment within the realm of dance competition.  Our dance company is an alternative to the highly committed, high-stressed, high demanding dance schedules you see today with so many competitive dance companies.  We believe that the balance of life is a high priority and that holidays, summers, spring and winter breaks are for family time and not continuous hours at the studio.  EDE Dance Company believes in the power of community outreach and giving back to others.  It is our mission to empower young dancers through healthy and positive dance performance and leadership opportunities and to engage them in activities and experiences that will encourage the development of strong character, proactive involvement with their community and effective leadership skills that will provide lifelong lessons to help them succeed in the future.   Of equal importance is the developments of the dancer in areas of dance technique, participation in conventions, competitions and performance opportunities as well as community outreach.  We strive and promise to provide an inspiring environment to build self-confidence and encourage each individual to be the best they can be in both dance and in life!   You will always feel good about being a part of a company that focuses on building our dancers up and helping them to soar! 

Here is a rundown of Evolution Dance Experience Competitive Company's accomplishments this year:

Midwest Starz Nationals 2019 - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

 Hip-Hop Company: High Gold and seventh highest score out of 20 dances.

Elite Contemporary Company: Platinum, and the third highest score out of 22 lyrical dances, & received the 5th highest score out of all the different styles of dances in their level and age division. 

Premier Contemporary Company: High Gold.

Jazz Company: High Gold.

Midwest Starz Regionals- St Charles, IL. 

​ Hip-Hop Company: High Gold and seventh highest score out of 20 dances. 
Elite Contemporary Company: Platinum
Premier Contemporary Company: High Gold.  & 2nd place, along with the “beautiful concept” award for their Yin & Yang dance!
Jazz Company: High Gold. Third Highest Score, and top place in their age division. 

Turn It Up! Dance Competition 2019

Jazz Company: High Gold. 

Hip-Hop Company: Platinum. 

Elite Contemporary Company: Platinum, and 2nd highest score. 

Premiere Contemporary Company: High Gold, and the "Prefect Smoots" award!

In10sity Dance Competition 2019

 Hip-Hop Company: High Gold and tenth highest score.
Elite Contemporary Company: High Gold and seventh highest score.
Premier Contemporary Company: High Gold and tenth highest score, as well as "Couture Costume" Award
Jazz Company: High Gold.

2019 Des Plaines Dance Idol Competition 2019​

 Hip-Hop Company: Silver and "High Energy" Award. 
Elite Contemporary Company: High Gold and 3rd Overall.
Premier Contemporary Company: Silver, as well as "Innovation" Award
Jazz Company: Silver

Here is a rundown of Evolution Dance Experience Competitive Company's accomplishments last year:

Midwest Starz Nationals 2018

Premiere Jazz : High Gold & 5th Place out of 12. 
Premiere Hip Hop : Platinum & 3rd Place
Contemporary : 1st  Place, Platinum & 9th Highest Score
Elite Jazz : "Powerhouse" Award, High Gold & 4th Place
Elite Hip Hop : 1st Place, Platinum, 8th Highest Score

VIP 2018 Competition located in Elgin, IL

Elite Hip Hop Company received a High Gold Award, 1st place in their division and the 5th highest score of the competition!

Elite Jazz Company received a High Gold Award, 2nd place in their division and the 7th highest score of the competition!

Premiere Hip Hop received a High Gold Award!

Premiere Jazz received a High Gold Award!

Contemporary received a High Gold Award!

2018 Des Plaines Dance Idol Competition:

Premiere Jazz : Silver 1st 

Premiere Hip Hop : Silver 2nd 

Elite Jazz : Gold 1st & 7th Highest Score

Elite Hip Hop : Silver 2nd & "Entertainment" Award


Premiere Jazz : High Gold
Premiere Hip Hop : High Gold & "Too Cool" Award
Contemporary : Emotional Execution Award! & Gold
Elite Jazz : High Gold
Elite Hip Hop : High Gold & 3rd Highest Score

​Midwest Starz:

Premiere Jazz : Gold
Premiere Hip Hop : High Gold & 4th Place
Contemporary : 3rd Place and High Gold
Elite Jazz : High Gold & 2nd Place
Elite Hip Hop : High Gold & 2nd Place​​